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Written by James Sweeney. on 4. Feb, 2018
Hi, Anna,
I would like to practice Yang Style Long Form in August / Sept when I intend to move up to Norfolk. Grateful when convenient if you could indicate your class times and fees. Look forward to receiving the information.
Thank You.
Kind Regards.
Written by Joey Back on 29. Jan, 2018
Really nice site :)
Written by Stone sinks Indonesia on 3. Jul, 2013
Very nicely done website. Thank you.
Written by Ed on 25. Nov, 2012
Ahoy Anna!

Nice website! The image is the DVD I'm using. Will start again in the new year when my knee is back to100%.

Written by Degtyarev on 8. Sep, 2011
Very usefull website. Thanks!
Written by Peter on 28. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by linda wymer on 3. Apr, 2010
hi anna
looking forward to the heavenly earth show, how about those beginners classes on a morning soon
Written by maxine mckenzie. on 20. Dec, 2009
hi anna,the spiritearth fair&tai chi courses look amazing.thankyou for the site links.maxine.
Written by Sandra on 25. Nov, 2009
Hi Anna,
Looks great!
The new courses sound wonderful.
Written by Svetik on 4. Oct, 2009
Hi there! :)
Photo? I dont have one. So will add later sometime.
Take care,